Short Term Certificate: Web Design & Development

Suggested Semester Sequence

Effective beginning Fall 2013. Students enrolled prior to Fall 2013 can continue to follow a prior year’s catalog in accordance with the College’s Catalog-in-force policies or choose to follow this updated program sequence. Recommend students run a DARS report and see a counselor to determine the best pathway to degree completion.

First Semester Credit Hrs
ENG 1010 College Composition I 3
MATH 1250 Contemporary Mathematics or higher 4
VC&D 1000 Visual Communication Foundation 3
VC&D 1015 Digital Studio Basics 3
VCIM 1570 Web Publishing I: HTML (a) OR VCIM 1200 Game Design I: Introduction to Game Design (b) 3
Semester Total 16
Second Semester Credit Hrs
DEGR - Communication...(See AAB Degree requirements) 3
VC&D 1200 Typography and Layout 3
VC&D 1430 2D Design 3
VCIM 1640 3D Design 3
VCIM 1770 Web Publishing II: Site Theory & Construction (a) OR 3 VCIM 1400 Game Design II: Game Engines (b) 3
Semester Total 15
Third Semester Credit Hrs
DEGR - Arts & Humanities Requirement (see AAB/AAS degree requirements) 3
VCIM 2270 Animation for the Web and Media 3
VCIM 2371 Interactive Media I 3
VC&D 2530 Professional Practice in Visual Communication and Design 3
VCIM 2280 Web Publishing III: Media Rich Websites (a) OR VCIM 2200 Game Design III: Game Design Studio (b) 3
VCIM 1970 Midpoint Portfolio Review 1
Semester Total 16
Fourth Semester Credit Hrs
DEGR - Social & Behavioral Science/Natural Sciences (see AAB/AAS Degree Requirements) 3
VCIM 2290 Web Publishing IV: Data Driven Sites OR VCIM 2380 Interactive Media II: App Design 3
IT 2400 Unity Game Programming 3
VCXX xxxx Visual Communication & Design elective 3
VCIM 2071 Service-Learning Web and Interactive Studio OR VCIM 2940 Field Experience OR VC&D 2830 Cooperative Field Experience 3
VC&D 2991 Portfolio Preparation C 3
Semester Total 15